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Water damage is something that is surrounded by a lot of confusion when it comes to insurance policies. Your homeowners policy will cover some damage if it is caused by water but not all. Flooding, for example, is not covered by homeowners insurance but damage caused by water dripping through a hole in the roof would be. Take the guesswork out of your insurance policies by purchasing an adequate water damages policy today.

If you reside in an area that is more prone to flooding, you may be required by federal law to have flood insurance. Occurrences of flooding are on the rise as the climate continues to warm. Flood maps around the country are regularly updated to reflect areas that are more likely to experience a flood. With our policies, the structure of your living space and your personal property will be protected from flood damage.

There is a standard waiting period for flood insurance to go into effect which is 30 days from when the policy is purchased. You can also take protective steps to help guard against flood damage.

  • - Have unfinished basement floors
  • - Build with water-resistant material
  • - Keep sewer pipes clear
  • - Plant native plants that resist erosion in your yard

Even after following these steps a flood is a natural disaster that is tough to prepare for. Often, there will be very little warning of the severity of a storm before it arrives, and once it has started there is little to be done. Skip the worrying by purchasing one of our policies. Our coverage will protect you in the event of a flood where others won't. We know your property will be in good hands with flood insurance from Flavin & Flavin.