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Boat insurance is another great way to protect a valuable investment from uncertain conditions. We offer coverage that goes above and beyond what can be considered a standard policy. Coverage can be purchased for any type of boat, whether it be a 90-foot long yacht or a fishing boat that the family has had for years. Our policies will cover physical damage, medical payments, personal property and wreck removal costs sustained while boating.

Our policies can also protect you in the event that a passenger on your boat gets injured or you injure someone. Boat liability and boat medical payments coverage will cover you, and any other occupants of your boat who are injured while using your watercraft.

We tailor policies to individual's needs so that you can get the perfect coverage for you. Your type of boat and regular uses of the vessel are taken into account so that nothing is included that you don't need. Like to fish or waterski? We can include extra add-ons to accommodate these recreational activities.

It is very common for a boating accident to end in an injury. Often, after an accident, the guilty party does not have the proper insurance in place to pay for the medical bills. Everyone involved is left scrambling to find a way to pay the bills that doesn't even exist. With one of our personal watercraft policies you will not have to worry while enjoying your time on the water. We have options to protect your boat from damage and passengers from bodily injury.

Give yourself a peace of mind by purchasing specific water-related coverage today.