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Even though it may not be clear at first, dwelling fire policies actually cover more than just fire and smoke-related damage. You may be able to a policy with protection against hazards like explosions, wind-damage and vandalism. However, unlike a typical home insurance policy, which covers everything except for listed exclusions, a dwelling fire policy covers nothing except the hazards listed in the agreement.

A fire has the potential to take everything from you. If you don't have adequate fire coverage in the event of a house fire this would probably be the case. Finding the right policy, however, has never been easier with all the tools that are available today. It's simple to browse through our policies online. If you need a little more guidance feel free to call one of our agents to discus your options today.

Depending on the level of your coverage, you can be reimbursed for either the cash value of what was lost, or for the cost of replacing it after a disaster has occurred. Policies vary between basic and broad dwelling fire insurance coverage. You are able to cover your personal belongings, specific structures on your property or the entire dwelling. When it comes to cash-value coverage, you'll get cash reimbursements for total losses and repair-cost repayments for partial losses.

If repair estimates find that the cost to fix a piece of property is more than what it's worth, you will receive a reimbursement for its cash value.