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Umbrella coverage offers extra liability insurance that can help protect you from major claims and assets. An umbrella plan will provide additional liability beyond the scope of your homeowners, auto and boat insurance policies. Coverage can be provided for claims that are excluded in other plans as well.

This way you won't be left with a $250,000 medical bill after your auto insurance was only required to pay for half of a $500,000 fee for surgery required due to an automobile accident.

Coverage with an umbrella policy will go above and beyond what other types of coverage can offer in specific situations. Umbrella insurance can be applied to bodily injuries, property damage and lawsuits. Once the liability of one policy is exhausted in the event of an accident, your umbrella insurance coverage will kick in to make sure your still covered.

Don't get caught in a tough situation with a policy that can't give you enough coverage. Our policies will protect you where your other coverage falls short. Both automobile and homeowner's insurance are policies that get umbrella insurance added. With this coverage in place you can have peace of mind in knowing that your insurance is ready for a variety of situations.

Umbrella coverage benefits

  • - Pay for expensive medical bills
  • - Added protection for your major assets
  • - Additional coverage for a homeowner's policy
  • - Peace of mind in having excess liability in the event of an accident